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CyberHostUK prides itself on customer satisfaction. We consistently strive to provide fast, helpful and efficient customer service and technical support.

Don’t take just our word for it, here are some comments sent in by our customers…

In the fortnightly web user magazine that I read,
I scanned the pages frantically in my hour of need,
And happened upon an ad for CyberHostUk,
And knew then that everything would work out OK.

The night was late, the light was dim,
I emailed, and got an instant answer from Tim!
Enthusiastic and intuitive, he understood what was needed,
My needs and requirements were quickly heeded.

And so CyberHostUk sorted out my site,
With Tim diligently working day after night,
Correspondence was courteous, responses were quick,
The service was super, efficient and slick.

So thank you to CyberHostUk,
I’d recommended you to others any day,
Of hosting sites, you’re now officially my fave.
Thanks for everything. All the best, Dave.

David Capewell
Quirky Verses
This is the second site I have hosted with CyberHostUK and can only describe the service provided as truly excellent. Not to mention, fast, helpful, professional, reliable, and friendly with a genuine attention to customer service. Don’t bother looking anywhere else for a hosting company… you have found the perfect one here.

I was totally lost when it came to setting up my own website, so I contacted a few hosting companies trying to get helpful information. CyberHostUK were the only company that took time to answer my questions in a fast efficient non-geek manner. Once signed up, my site was up in minutes, not days. If any further help was needed, my support tickets were answers almost immediately.

These guys really do go far beyond the call of duty. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. You just cant go wrong here.

Philip Francis
Magic Mobilility Ltd
Extremely prompt and efficient, friendly service, even late into the night. My website is still to be launched, but I do not expect any problems. With sincere thanks to Tim and the Cyberhostuk team.
Robyn Kohli
Swiss Chalet Sales

CyberhostUK are without a doubt the best independent UK web hosting company.

I recommended multiple friends to them and we currently have 2 Reseller accounts with them. There is never any downtime, the servers are super fast and the customer service quality is unbelievable!

I have had web hosting since 2002 and no doubt, Cyberhost UK is by far the best I’ve ever used. The value for money is also Excellent!

10 out of 10!

Robin Johnson
Inked Ltd
4 Heroes

So far I am very happy with your service! Excellent customer support, which when I used was dealt with and sorted within minutes! And that was at 10pm at night aswell. I also like cPanel X for utilising your website, emails etc. Is easy to use!

Keep up the good work, and thank you.

Ryan Smith
Pension Thistle

CyberhostUK are in my mind the finest web hosting company around. I have been using them for many years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their service is second to none.

Any problems, you can guarantee their very helpful staff will find a solution and keep in touch with you all the way. Whenever I think of putting a website together I will only ever use CyberhostUK.

Very quick note to say that the response to my enquiry was both quick and efficient and the issue was resolved without any stress! Excellent!
Mike Gregg

Fantastic service, support excellent 24/7 support when its needed always deliver.

Dont bother wasting your time with other hosting companies this is my 3rd and the best by far.

Ant Coyne
Field of Dreams
Apart from a few teething problems which were to be expected due to the complexity of my site, Cyberhostuk have been brilliant. Whenever I have contacted support they have replied almost instantly and the hosting/cpanel are perfect. I have used a few hosts previously and I do not think I will need to find one again. I’m with cyberhostuk for life.
Sam Leach
Warwickshire, UK
My previous hosting company were quite unhelpful when it came to technical support of any type, and would take days to resolve what would usually be a small problem. This lead me to change to CyberHostUK, based on researching customer reviews online. Within a day, I had my problem resolved which had taken my previous host 3 days of emailing and leaving the problem unsolved. Needless to say I am very happy with the service I have received, and will be staying with this company.
Amanda Salisbury
Southend On Sea, UK

After receiving an attack on one of my sites (DoS), Cyberhostuk were quick in contacting me in the hope of resolving the problem. Their approach was extremely professional and importantly patient as we worked together in ensuring that not only was the problem resolved but my sites continued to function.

Cyberhostuk always offer me a great service and I would always recommend them to others, I certainly wouldn’t think of using any other company.

Anthony C
Wigan, UK

CyberHostUK provide one of the best hosting services around for extremely good value. Their setup is instant and their domains even resolve within minutes, unlike 99% of other hosts whose domains take upto a week to resolve. The support package is also very flexible, and although I have never had a problem there are countless ways to contact the staff in the event of a problem.

Features and specifications are amazing, and all the staff are friendly and easy to deal with. The servers are well maintained and very fast, and I have had no downtime as of yet.

A superb host and highly recommended!

Jason M.
Manchester, UK

I read countless reviews and got totally confused while looking for a hosting company to host my new business website. That was until I discovered CyberHostUK. They are a growing company that really do respect their customers. As a complete novice, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed my name was registered and my web space was live. It took about an hour max!!

They helped me so much, that I feel I should let people know there is a friendly helpful alternative out there. Why not just make contact with this company and judge response time yourselves.

And no, I don’t work for them.

Plasma Man
An excellent all round service with supremely fast support. I have had a few issues through my time here, some general questions; a need for a copy of my blogs backup files; and a paypal subscription issue. All of these where solved within 5 minuets of contact being made. Be it via email or msn, cyberhostuk are there to help you. Thanks guys!
Tony Gibson
Redcar, UK

It’s not very often I am so impressed with a company that I feel the need to publicly praise them, but credit where credit is due.

Cyberhostuk have been so helpful, my domain and hosting was set up within 15 minutes, my support tickets were answered almost immediately, the friendly and knowledgeable replies were very supportive. These guys even uploaded my site for me. So, if you are a professional or a complete novice like me, don’t waste time with other hosting companies, just try Cyberhost, you wont be disappointed!!

P Francis
Westcountry Lifts
Excellent service and very fast setup. I was literally set up and ready to go within 10 mins of placing my order!
Dean Stokes
I’m really happy with Cyberhostuk. I’m getting great support if I have any kind of question. I hope that I will continue to work with them for years.
Deniz Akay
Istanbul, Turkey
Service has been great from the word go, and they have always been there to answer any questions I may have. Great service!
George Aitken
Hampshire, UK

My hosting + domain were set up in less than 10 minutes! The prices are affordable and great for what you get! The support system is also excellent and I usually receive a response within minutes.

I would recommend cyberhostuk to anyone looking for web hosting. It’s definitely been the right path for me!

Jack Donovan
Bristol, UK

Great people to deal with. Highly recommended service.

George Kouris
B2B Couriers
Cheshire, UK
CyberHostUK are truly excellent, they really know what they’re talking about and provide amazing service at little cost. My account and domain were literally up and running in 15 minutes. If you require worry free web hosting this is the host for you! Go with CyberHostUK and you won’t regret it!
Ben Collinson
Hartlepool, UK
After emailing the very helpful cyberhost staff late at night they responded to me within 10 mins with a solution to my problem. These guys are amazing and i would definately recommend them. AWESOME!!
Daniel Harter
Cleethorpes, UK
Haven’t had any problem with them at all, truly honest people, no downtime at all! Would recommend anyone to use their hosting. it’s Reliable and Affordable!
Yizi Cezar
Manchester, UK
I will just say that even though I am going to give a glowing review of CyberhostUK, I have only registered a domain name with them, and have no experience of their webhosting. Just a few hours after I registered my domain name I received an email from one of their sales reps. I had entered my credit card details wrongly, and he informed me about it. What was great was the fact that after swapping emails with each other we had it resolved in half an hour. I highly recommend registering a domain with them.
Sheffield, UK

I thought it was about time I praised Tim and the team at CyberhostUK. They have hosted my site since 2009 and there has been almost zero downtime.Recently my site was giving me problems that I just could not resolve but Tim helped me put things right spending time with me that was invaluable getting my site back up and working properly again. I doubt if any other host would put so much effort into helping a struggling client especially as the problem was with my site and not the hosting, so again a big thanks Tim.

I can honestly recommend this company to anyone looking to host a website with superb back up.

CyberHostUK are one of the best hosting companies that we have used. Their technical knowledge and professionalism is second to none.They go beyond being helpful. CyberHostUK have been invaluable to our online presence and their speedy replies are reassuring to us.

We would totally recommend their services to anyone.

Mark Dibben
Dibtech Computers

I have been working with Tim and Cyberhost UK for 18 months and have been thrilled with the service.

There has been no downtime at all and whenever I have any questions, I find that Tim is very quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate the personal approach and time that you get from being one of their clients. I highly recommend to any other websites looking for affordable hosting and top notch customer service.

Daniel Tannenbaum
Tudor Lodge Consultants

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